On June 15th we were making our way back to Reykjavik from Akureyri [more on both towns to come];  at the halfway point we came across these great rock people. We knew we were halfway because the signs told us so…

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©2010 Adriana Durian Photography

I’d asked Ragga about the rock people, and she said they were at the side of the road to make people aware of the small town of Hvammstangi, which was 6km down the road. We didn’t make it down to the town, (which is most densely populated area in the Húnaþing County, with population of about 580 people), so I guess the town will have to be on my list of things to see the next time I get to Iceland.

Anyways, a huge part of our excellent road trip was the boys; there wasn’t one time during the entire road trip that I wasn’t thankful that they were with us. They were funny, they were fun, and they were full of endless energy. Yup, you could say I miss them.

And while we, as adults, would look at the rock people, perhaps smile and say ‘how cute’ … the boys knew exactly what to do….

©2010 Adriana Durian Photography