March 2010

I had the privilege to photograph L’Arche Greater Vancouver’s 1st Annual The Art of Being Together fundraiser.

The L’Arche community strives to support and value each person’s spiritual journey. People with developmental disabilities and those who assist them live in a family-like surrounding where meaningful friendships, mutual respect and helping each other discover our gifts and abilities.

The day included the showing of juried works of art from the community at-large as well as artwork from the L’Arche community, a community art area where everyone was encouraged to participate in creating a painting, a silent auction; first-class entertainment, and incredible snacks. The day was most successful!

To learn more about L’Arche Greater Vancouver and how you can contribute to their Mission and success, please visit their website at or their blog

Volunteers in the Silent Auction area

Judging Art Works

The Voters Ballot Box

The afternoon's community art project.

The afternoon's community art project.

Excellent Entertainment

Excellent snacks for all...

Christiane McInnes, Fund Development Assistant with Director of Fund Development, Sig Stark

Artists and their works

Co-Winner of the Peoples Choice Award - "Hands" by Jason Husmillo

Co-winner of the Peoples Choice Award - "Butterfly" by Jenny Jia

All the Artistic Winners with their certificates.


I met up with Christine yesterday, for what she thought would be a quiet morning coffee. Before she could go, I brought out my camera equipment and the Orbis, and shoo’d her into a busy parking lot to give me some faces. And making faces is always funnier with the wide angle lens.

And finally, I threw in a ‘very’ hi-key shot….

I’ve been intrigued for some time by the Orbis; advertised as the Orbis Ring Flash, though it doesn’t have a flash, but rather is a donut shaped plasticie diffuser placed on your flash.

The Orbis arrived today, and fellow photographer Lane Chevrier graciously agreed to be my subject as I experimented with it. Photographing Lane is always a treat; I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who can produce as many expressions as he can. We decided to use a very wide angle lens, very close to his mug….

…the laugh meter definitely hit 10.

ps: ladies … he’s single….