I don’t know that there is a genre of photography I love best … when I’m at events I believe I could be a photojournalist forever; when I shoot weddings I’m in my glory; creating concept shoots pushes my creative envelope. The genre that I keep going back to is product and still life. How to make an object look bigger and better than it is? How to create something that hasn’t already been created, or for that matter, how to re-create something that has been created before?

Having set up a small studio and obtaining additional lighting, softboxes, and equipment gives me more ‘play time’, as I call it. With the ability to set up a shot, work on it for a few hours [often I wonder how 6 hours just disappeared], walk away from it till I get the ‘ah-ha’ moment, and go back to get the shot, is what it’s all about for me.

And in todays age of ‘oh, just fix it in photoshop’, my goal with product is to shoot it the way I want it to look, in camera, without using photoshop to mimic any of the lighting. Just one more challenge thrown into the mix.

Here’s one of the shots I completed; over the next little while I’ll post some more.

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