Last Thursday we did a concept shoot ‘up on the mountain’  in Langford BC. Chelsea and Emily were our ladies of the evening, with Lane being Jack the Ripper. Lane was a fellow classmate of mine at Western Academy of Photography in Victoria []. Lane is an incrediable photographer in his own right, his work can be seen at

Jo-Ann Way, another fellow classmate and Victoria photographer, assisted with the lighting and setups. Victoria based Alexa Lofthouse provided all makeup for the shoot.

Since last Thursday I’ve been a tourguide to family from Holland, so editing the shoot has been placed on the backburner. I just wanted to post this one image to show that being the models isn’t always go,go,go and glamourous. Here, once again, everyone was waiting for the lighting to be set up.

I’ll post the final images later this week…. cheers for now.